12-29th of October

Films in libraries

The annual human rights documentary film festival INCONVENIENT FILMS that is being held for the 17th time this year invites Lithuanian libraries to once again join us and offer their members and visitors a unique documentary film selection from all over the world.

Libraries receive exclusive access to the festival’s virtual film platform, completely free of charge. We also organise special screening events taking place online-live, whereby several libraries log in at the same time to watch that same film, and are invited to discuss it afterwards through an online chat box or by posing questions to our special guests through a dedicated phone number.

Bringing documentary cinema to local libraries across the country, we aim to contribute to the strengthening of local communities and propagate both the ideas of human rights and documentary film as a creative genre in itself.

Running up to the festival, libraries receive visual materials required for public announcements in advance, which means that not much extra work is required from their staff.

Whether you are ready to join us or still want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact:
+370 636 24636


This year festival will visit these libraries:


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