12-29th of October

Festival Highlights

The film programme of the festival is rich and inspiring in terms of the stories it tells, but the programme of the festival’s events is equally intriguing, especially the highlights of the festival! Premieres, novelties, opening night and awards ceremony - you’ll find out more about everything in this brief on upcoming events.


What makes inconvenient films special is that when they are over, we are left with a lot of questions which we want to discuss out loud with another person(s). For this reason, after some screenings –we will discuss the films and the topics they cover with human rights activists and experts in various fields. After all, sometimes a film is only the starting point for a broader discussion and reflection, and what happens afterwards is may be more important than the screen.

Meet the creators

Are you curious to know how the film’s protagonists live now, or what happened afterwards? Ask, and you will be answered! After the films, we will pose questions to their creative teams.



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