12-29th of October


We respect authority, but we look to the future. That’s why every year we eagerly await the verdict on who the YOUNG VOICE award will go to. The film awarded with this prize is chosen by the festival’s youth jury as the most important and relevant for young people.

To become a member of the festival’s youth jury, you need to be aged 18-25 and belong to any formal or informal youth organisation or community and be interested in cinema and human rights, environment, ecology or social or political issues. Jury members, selected through competition from all over Lithuania, not only evaluate the films but also participate in workshops with film industry professionals and express their valuable opinion when preparing the festival’s film programme for young people.

The Young Voice competition programme is implemented in cooperation with the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) and the WOKE16 campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the role of young people in decision-making – both on a day-to-day level and in transforming the lives of each one of us – by making it possible for young people aged 16 and up to vote at local government level.

Lukas Pacevičius

Lukas is a first year student of Creative Communication at Vilnius University. After successfully graduating from Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium and completing his term as President of the Students’ Council, he continues to be active in the social field. For a year and a half Lukas has been an active participant of the Young Conservatives League, which unites civic-minded young people across Lithuania. Audiovisual arts are a very important part of his life – exploring cinema and music is a huge hobby of his, and Lukas has tried his hand at filmmaking in different roles. He hopes that the bar for the film industry in Lithuania will be raised and that this field will one day reach its full potential. He says: “The Young Voices initiative is a great opportunity to take a deeper look at cinema as an art form.”

Mija Ničajutė

Mija is currently in Grade 12. A recent graduate of the Skalvija Film Academy, she is also a member of the Meno Avilys Young Programmers, where she develops film programmes for film festivals. Mija says: “For me, cinema is all in one – relaxation, inspiration and a form of self-expression.” She is very fond of documentaries, especially those that surprise you with their form and content, and that have room for reflection and don’t leave your mind for days. “I am very happy to be part of this year’s Youth Voice, to have the opportunity to watch and discuss, to experience the Inconvenient Films festival up close.”

Kamilė Laurinavičiūtė

Kamilė graduated this summer from the University of Amsterdam with a BA in Literary and Cultural Analysis. Returning to Vilnius, she began to observe the cultural field and social problems of her homeland with a new perspective. After an internship in film distribution, she started working in communications. However, cinema is one of her preferred forms of getting to know the various dimensions of humanity. Kamilė says: “For me, good cinema is cinema that makes you feel and sympathise – it’s like coming out of your shell and seeing the other with new eyes.” Kamilė’s main interests are feminism, gender and sexuality theory, the genealogy of social exclusion and mental health discourses.

Ugnė Pilkionytė

Ugnė graduated in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris University in France and already back then started to study the reflection of politics and society in cinema. She later contributed to research on various public policy issues, but found that statistics, dry facts and political reports sometimes have less impact on opinions than art and especially cinema. After realising that she wanted to combine her passions for both politics and cinema, she now works for an impact production company that helps to empower cinema to make a difference in society and politics. Ugnė has long been fascinated by the work of Inconvenient Films festival and wants to contribute to the dissemination of films that are provocative, uncomfortable and relevant to young people in Lithuania.

Aneta Beginskaitė

Aneta is currently studying Classical Philology at Vilnius University. In addition to her studies, cinema and music are a major part of her life. As a music school graduate, Aneta joined a choir at university and she expresses her love for cinema through her participation in a Moving Cinema and  Meno avilys project as a Young Film Programmer. If she has spare time, she spends it in cinemas, theatres or playing the piano and reading myths.


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