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The Eternal Memory

La Memoria Infinita

Chile | 2023 | 84 min. | N-7

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Paulina and Augusto have been together for 23 years. She is a former Minister of Culture and an actress. He was a popular TV journalist for many years. They live in the beautiful house they built together many years ago. It is filled with memories that Augusto is slowly forgetting. For he has Alzheimer’s and his memory is leaking out of him until he can’t even recognise himself in the mirror. But even though Augusto is alone in his head, Paulina is constantly by his side. The more he forgets, the more her love for him grows, because even though he forgets, her feelings remain the same.

  • Director:

    Maite Alberdi

  • Cinematography:

    Pablo Valdés

  • Editing:

    Carolina Siraqyan

  • Producers:

    Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Rocío Jadue, Maite Alberdi

  • Languages:


  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

The Eternal Memory + INTRODUCTION

15 October


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The Eternal Memory + INTRODUCTION

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