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Polish Prayers

Prawy chlopak

Switzerland, Poland | 2022 | 85 min. | N-13

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Antek, 22, grows up in a deeply religious and radical right-wing family in contemporary Poland. Catholicism, nationalism and especially celibacy define his world. But when he falls in love, doubts begin to set in. Antek practically lives a double life, praying the rosary with a megaphone in the marketplace of Wroclaw during the day to “save Christians from persecution and Europe from Islamisation” and getting drunk with young women at techno parties at night. And not everything is as it should be at home either. The film follows Antek from when he has all the answers to the many questions any young man needs to answer for himself, and his family.

  • Director:

    Hanka Nobis

  • Cinematography:

    Milosz Kasiura

  • Editing:

    Bigna Tomschin, Olivia Frey

  • Producer:

    Esther van Messel

  • Languages:


  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Edvardas Vaišvila

Polish Prayers

16 October


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Polish Prayers

24 October



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