12-29th of October

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France, Canada | 2022 | 45 min. | N-7

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Four users are invited to sit at one of the tables in the Okawari restaurant (both physical and virtual) to discover a wide variety of dishes, sides and drinks from the Japanese izakaya gastronomy. The purpose of the experience stems directly from the interactions of the users during their meal. Each experience will be totally unique and will depend on the participants’ choices. Telling you more would influence the raison d’être of the experience… But we can’t wait to hear your reactions!

The works from the NK-INTERACTIVE programme will be on show from 18-28 October in the basement of the Museum of the Radvilas Palace.

  • Directors:

    Landia Egal, Amaury La Burthe

  • Editing:

    Antoine Tardieu, Alan Sorio

  • Producers:

    Tiny Planets (Landia Egal), Dpt. (Nicolas Roy), Novelab (Amaury La Burthe)

  • Languages: