12-29th of October

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Missing 10 Hours

Missing 10 Hours

Vengrija | 2022 | 16 min. | N-16

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All of us are bystanders when we observe actions or situations that jeopardize one’s safety or well-being. In this VR piece, the visitor witnesses Mara, a 22-year-old woman gradually losing control of her actions. She has been unwillingly drugged with the date rape drug GHB, which is most frequently used for sexually motivated attacks. The power to change how the night unfolds is in the visitor’s hands. But will they stay on the ethical pathway if other characters reveal new possibilities?

The works from the NK-INTERACTIVE programme will be on show from 18-28 October in the basement of the Museum of the Radvilas Palace.

  • Director:

    Fanni Fazakas

  • Producers:

    Noemi Veronika Szakonyi, RumeXR, Match Frame Productions Ltd.

  • Languages: