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Letter to Ukraine

Laiškas Ukrainai

Lith| 2023 | 98 min. | N-13

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Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 irreversibly changed the fates of many Ukrainians and disrupted life in Europe. Those directly experiencing the war have only two options: flee or fight. Further away from the war, more questions arise: to take an interest or to ignore, to silently sacrifice or to join forces and actively resist. More than a hundred Lithuanian film community members gathered for a documentary film project called Letter to Ukraine, with the goal of documenting what is happening in Lithuania during this challenging time.

At the heart of the film are persons close to war: a passerby, a protester, a volunteer, a medic, an artist. Are we doing enough and is there hope to have an effect on how the war will end? Can our efforts become a legend and a guide for future generations? Or perhaps we’ve grown weary too soon and have given up? This film is a unique document of the unprecedented unity and focus demonstrated in our society during this time.

The film was born from the unity of hundreds of Lithuanian film community members. Historical event documented in the film can serve as a tool for reflection on civil society, which under exceptional circumstances is capable of mobilising and creating significant change.

  • Directors:

    Lietuvos kino bendruomenė

  • Cinematography:

    Lithuanian Cinema Community

  • Editing:

    Lithuanian Cinema Community

  • Producers:

    Lithuanian Cinema Community

  • Languages:

    Lithuanian, English, Ukranian, Russian

  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translators:

    Lithuanian Cinema Community