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Is There Anybody Out There

Is There Anybody Out There

UK | 2023 | 87 min. | G

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The director’s Ella Glendining’s body is extremely unusual and she has never seen anyone like her before. This personal documentary follows her search to track down other individuals with the same rare disability as hers. The film also explores the experience of being a disabled pregnant woman as well as the emotional process of becoming a mother, when she unexpectedly found out she was pregnant. Perhaps more than anything, however, this story is about ableism – about living in a world where you’re seen as less than human – and what it takes to love yourself fiercely despite this.

  • Director:

    Ella Glendining

  • Cinematography:

    Anne Marie Lean-Vercoe

  • Editing:

    Rachel Roberts

  • Producer:

    Janine Marmot

  • Languages:


  • Subtitles:


  • Translator:

    Julija Matulytė

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