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Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine

Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine

USA | 2023 | 73 min. | N-7

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In the shadow of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine grapples with an unending conflict. Amidst the chaos, four emerging stand-up comedians wield laughter as a weapon, navigating life’s absurdities while living in a war-torn land. Crafting audacious routines from their daily reality, they deliver sharp, heartfelt commentary on war, their nation, and defiance. Their rebellion takes them on a tour, spreading laughter to theaters, shelters, and frontlines, igniting sparks of joy and solace across their embattled homeland.

  • Director:

    Christopher Walters

  • Cinematography:

    Christopher Walters

  • Editing:

    Caleb Thomas, Casandra Andreica

  • Producers:

    Krista Liney, Anton Tymoshenko, Joshua Zimmerman, Christopher Walters, with producers Anna Roberts and Frank Mosca

  • Languages:

    Ukrainian, English

  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine + MONOLOGUE

20 October


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Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine + MONOLOGUE

27 October



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