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A Life Like Any Other

Une vie comme une autre

France, Belgium | 2022 | 68 min. | N-7

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In A Life Like Any Other, F. Cros delves into her mother’s suicide attempt using her father’s archive footage. The daughter aims to grasp hidden complexities beneath the family’s apparent normality. Valérie, the mother, battles societal norms, striving for newfound liberation. The documentary contrasts surface appearances with inner struggles, exposing the burden of gender expectations. Valérie’s silent anguish surfaces and her defiance against constraints resonates. Cros’s film underscores the interplay of life and the lens, illustrating how images mold reality. It proclaims personal narratives as universal, bridging personal and political domains. Cros’s dual role as daughter and filmmaker yields a poignant portrayal of fleeting moments and concealed truths.

  • Director:

    Faustine Cros

  • Cinematography:

    Jean-Louis Cros, Faustine Cros

  • Editing:

    Cédric Zoenen, Faustine Cros

  • Producers:

    Julies Freres, Camille Laemlé

  • Languages:


  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Veronika Vasiljeva-Niparavičienė

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20 October


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A Life Like Any Other

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