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#InconvenientTalks: storytelling event

This year Inconvenient Flims is introducing an innovation – a storytelling event. On 14th of October festival sets the stage for stories worthy of a film script at the Mo Museum, where the first Incovenient Talks will take place.

Human rights do not only live on cinema screens, in laws and court judgements. We know that the personal experiences of the people we live, work and create with are full of documentary-worthy stories about (in)equality, activism, diversity, freedom and social change. They are floating among us and long to be told, heard, felt, shared.

This year, the festival invites you to explore the achievements and challenges of human rights through stories of personal experience. We have encouraged our community to share their stories with you – their authors have edited them for you in a special workshop with professional storyteller Milda Varnauskaitė.

So we welcome you to a diverse, personal and impactful conversation about human rights.

Project partners: the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights and Lithuanian Radio and Television.

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#InconvenientTalks – storytelling event

14 October


MO Museum

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