12-29th of October


If you are preparing for the festival in advance and want to be sure of a seat in the cinema hall, buy your ticket online or at the cinema box office for the regular price and discount of a place!

The festival films will be screened in five Lithuanian cities and tickets for the screenings are available from 4th of October. If you’ll buy your ticket before the screening at the cinema box office, you will be able to pay-what-you-want fare on the basis of solidarity principle we follow.



Forum Cinema Vingis (12-22 of October, 3rd Hall) – 5 Eur
Cinema Center Skalvija – 6 Eur*
Cinema Theater Pasaka – 7,90 Eur*

Cinema Center Romuva – 6 Eur*

Cinema Theater Arlekinas – 5 Eur*

Cinema Theater Spindulys – 6 Eur*

In Šiauliai cultural center solidarity tickets are available before the screening.

*Discounts available


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