12-29th of October

Vilnius based international documentary film festival INCONVENIENT FILMS has announced the winners of the 16th edition. Louis Hothothot was given the main award at the International Competition for his first feature Four Journeys, while Young Voice Jury chose Nothing Compares by Kathryn Ferguson as their favourite film.

The Jury, consisting of directors Virpi Suutari, Lina Lužytė as well as producer Erik Winker and program director of Tempo Documentary Festival Ulrika Bandeira were moved by intimate and though provoking debut. “Combining a masterful cinematography and a playful soundscape with subtle humour, this documentary takes us on a riveting journey, spanning over ten years time. At the beginning of the film the director observes his family without interfering, but eventually he finds atonement and reconciliation. The exquisite editing combining film, photos and graphics evokes family memories from all of us.” – read the verdict.

Two films from the competition – Last Shelter, by Ousmane Samassecou and A Marble Travelogue by Sean Wang – were given Special Mentions. According to the Jury, Ousmane Samassecou succeeded to get really close to his characters yet at the same time managed to step out of that particular shelter and told a story of what it means to be a refugee in general: “In a way Ousmane has created a tribute to refugees of the world. In a very cinematic way he has captured the state of an endless limbo, which is known to those wandering the world as well as sometimes those living in apartments and working from 5 to 8. The Jury appreciates and applauds this existentialist poem on life.”

The Jury also congratulated Sean Wang’s A Marble Travelogue: “With a precise documentary vision the film masterly interweaves different story levels into a fascinating reflection on provenance, culture, belonging and home in a globalised world. By doing so the film creates visually stunning images and therefore a very intense viewing experience for the audience. A wonderful type of humor makes it also entertaining without losing its seriousness and profoundness.”

In addition to the international competition, which showcases first or second feature films from emerging filmmakers, INCONVENIENT FILMS invite young people to choose their favourite. This year the Young Voice Jury were deeply touched by Sinéad OʼConnorʼs story told in Nothing Compares and unanimously agreed to give their award to filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson.

INCONVENIENT FILMS is an annual festival, not limited to selected human rights related documentaries: meetings with filmmakers and discussions with human rights activists and experts, film screenings in alternative spaces are a no less important part of the programme. It is also the biggest documentary film festival in the Baltics. The 2022 edition of the festival runs until October 30 as hybrid event with physical screenings in 5 towns across Lithuania, special presentations of films in Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 – and extensive programme available online for viewers, based in Lithuania.


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