8-30th of October


We respect authority, but we look to the future. That’s why every year we eagerly await the verdict on who the YOUNG VOICE award will go to. The film awarded with this prize is chosen by the festival’s youth jury as the most important and relevant for young people.

To become a member of the festival’s youth jury, you need to be aged 18-25 and belong to any formal or informal youth organisation or community and be interested in cinema and human rights, environment, ecology or social or political issues. Jury members, selected through competition from all over Lithuania, not only evaluate the films but also participate in workshops with film industry professionals and express their valuable opinion when preparing the festival’s film programme for young people.

Involving young people, listening to the new generation and inspiring them for human rights and cinema activism is an initiative we share with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Lithuania, Agency of Youth Affairs and Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT).

Evelina Jasiulionytė

Evelina is currently a third-year psychology student at Vytautas Magnus University. She finds the themes prevailing at the Inconvenient Films festival – namely human rights, environmental protection, politics – very close to her and important in her everyday life. In order to better understand the dominant system of the world and various political systems, in addition to her psychology course at the university, she chose political studies, which help her gain more knowledge and expand her circle of like-minded people. For the fifth year in a row, Inconvenient Films has been an inseparable part of rainy autumn evenings for Evelina, so she has decided to join the festival’s YOUNG VOICE jury this year hoping to learn even more about the documentary genre and get to know the behind-the-scenes of the film world up close.

Adolfina Kunčiūtė

Adolfina from Vilnius currently lives in Klaipėda, where she is studying acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She is an alumnus of the Skalvija Film Academy and got actively involved in the world of cinema by working on film sets. Adolfina hopes that, one day, the film industry will come to Klaipėda, which she thinks is sorely lacking there.

“For me, films are about festivals, about a community of friends, about the people sitting next to me in the cinema hall and about the people I go to see a movie with. I am a person who enjoys talking to people and having discussions, and there are so many topics, from cinema to…”

Urtė Kliaudaitytė

Urtė, from Kaunas, is currently a high school student. She plays volleyball, volunteers at film festivals and takes an active interest in culture by attending events and concerts. She has been involved in the activities of organising Kaunas 2022 since the ninth grade. After completing the youth programme Kauno iššūkis (Kaunas Challenge), Urtė, together with her friends, founded the Lempa (Lamp) project, which seeks to convey art in non-traditional ways (they organised a night-time session of painting with ultraviolet lighting).

Urtė says this about herself and cinema: “I really like watching movies. I’m quite a visual person, so the most important thing for me in every movie is its mood and aesthetics.”

Rokas Kurmilavičius

Rokas, a final-year school student from Elektrėnai, cannot imagine his life without art. After graduating from music school, Rokas currently lives in Kaunas and is learning pop music singing. He has been dancing various street dance styles for 14 years. He also works as a dubber for animated and feature films and is making his way toward acting.

Rokas is a member of the Lithuanian School Students Union, about which he says: “It taught me how amazing it feels to represent the voice of school students, so now I can contribute to the Inconvenient Films festival by representing the voice of the youth.”

Emilija Lopaitytė

Emilija is currently a final-year school student and active president of the Student Council of Venta Gymnasium in Akmenė district, the post she has held since the 11th grade. She was also the chairman of Akmenė liberal youth organisation for two terms. Surrounded by art and culture since childhood, Emilija composes music, writes and plays piano and guitar since her early years.

Emilija says about her future vision: “…I am already 90% sure that I will pursue a career in the field of art and culture, so I think this project will grow my experience, which will help me build a strong foundation for my career.”

Titas Perskaudas

Titas, an 11th-grade school student, is an actor in the Obuolys theatre troupe of Rumšiškės Antanas Baranauskas Gymnasium. In his spare time, he computer programs, takes pictures, and plays the ukulele and the jaw harp. He devotes a lot of time to volunteering and social engagement. He volunteered at the Rumšiškės open youth space Rūsys (Basement) as part of the Youth Volunteering Service. Together with a team of volunteers, he organised and led the event Savi Kaune (Locals in Kaunas) dedicated to celebrating the year of youth and volunteering, as part of which Kaunas 2022 summer stage hosted inspiring stories of volunteering and performances of youth rock bands.

Titas also participated in the Moksleiviai į Vyriausybę 2022 (Students to Government 2022) project and was the chairman of the students’ council at his school last year. Currently, he volunteers at KLJ (Kaunas Liberal Youth) and Jaunimo Biuras (Youth Bureau), and participates in the Vytautas Magnus university programme for school students.


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