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This is Me

This is Me

The Netherlands | 2020 | 15 min. | G

In Uganda, 16-year-old Allen Tumusiime learned that she was worth nothing as a girl. It was an oppressive situation, as if she were in a box that prescribed the limits of her existence. She has been living in the Netherlands for two years now. She has found a way out of her repressed existence and now stands in the spotlight with her own choreography. Allen takes you into her story with her dance: This is me. She wants to show people that you don’t have to let people decide for you what they have in mind for you. Instead, you should show who you are and follow your own heart.

  • Director:

    Els van Driel

  • Cinematography:

    Diderik Evers NSC

  • Editing:

    Francesco Indaco

  • Producers:

    Els van Driel
    Anne van der Veer
    Sharona Buijert

  • Languages:

    English, Dutch

  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Ieva Šakelaitė