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Infinity According to Florian

Нескінченність за Флоріаном

Ukraine, USA | 2022 | 70 min. | G

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On the eve of his 90th birthday, Kyiv-based architect Florian Yuriev gets some bad news. The city has rented out his architectural opus magnum – Flying-Saucer-shaped avant-garde concert hall – to a real estate developer who wants to turn it into a shopping mall. Florian decides to quit his self-imposed seclusion and try to disrupt this phony real estate deal. The infamous new owner of the Flying Saucer building gives a promise to renovate the place according to Florian’s own design. This promise turns out to be worth nothing, but Florian is not ready to give up. He uses his visionary skills to snatch an unlikely victory.

  • Director:

    Oleksiy Radynski

  • Cinematography:

    Max Savchenko

  • Editing:

    Mykola Bazarkin

  • Producer:

    Lyuba Knorozok

  • Languages:

    Russian, Ukrainian

  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Julija Matulytė

Infinity According to Florian

16 October


MRU Public Security Academy (Maironio g. 27)

Infinity According to Florian

16 October


MRU Public Security Academy (Maironio g. 27)