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Electric Malady

Electric Malady

United Kingdom | 2022 | 80 min. | G

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10 years ago, life for William was a wonderful adventure, full of friends, family and opportunity. But when a new wireless system is installed at his work he starts experiencing a condition known as electrosensitivity. Such is the agony of his increasing sensitivity to electricity and radiation that William is forced to withdraw to a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness, the furthest he can get from technology. Electric Malady is a modern folk-horror tale that confronts us with the reality of living with an illness that modern science can’t diagnose, but from which over 800,000 people in Sweden continue to suffer.

  • Director:

    Marie Lidén

  • Cinematography:

    Michael Sherrington

  • Editing:

    David Arthur

  • Producer:

    Aimara Reques

  • Languages:


  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Ramunė Drankinaitė

Electric Malady

28 October



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Electric Malady

12 October



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