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A House Made Of Splinters

A House Made of Splinters

Denmark, Finland , Sweden, Ukraine | 2022 | 86 min. | G

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In this poignant and deeply intimate documentary four kids temporarily removed from their parents find friendship and flickers of hope inside the worn walls of a remarkable orphanage in Eastern Ukraine, as a group of dedicated social workers create moments of joy and respite from childhoods all but lost.

  • Director:

    Simon Lereng Wilmont

  • Cinematography:

    Simon Lereng Wilmont

  • Editing:

    Michael Aaglund

  • Producer:

    Monica Hellstrom

  • Languages:

    Ukrainian, Russian

  • Subtitles:

    Lithuanian, English

  • Translator:

    Ina Kiseliova

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A House Made of Splinters

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