8-30th of October

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Every generation interacts with technology differently and thus sees the world differently. It’s a cliché. But just as much of a cliché is discussing technology only in negative terms, as if we’re losing some “right” way of life. The programme is focused on young people. Why they dream of becoming influencers. Why they view online meetings as more honest. Online loneliness and unity – in their own words.


Few would argue that television and internet is made up of more than just entertainment and facts. They’re also powerful propaganda tools. Lighting up our faces, the screens show pathways for our minds: whom to hate, whom to love, how to lust. And our attention is the most valuable modern currency, investing in which allows you to change not only the future, but the past as well.

Not welcome

They are not needed or unable to adapt to modern life. The characters of these films are fragile and vulnerable, but at the same time extremely strong and resilient. They are not giving up hope and keep searching for a better life and new home filled with love.

Her own fault

Women are still often blamed for their misfortunes: a man beats you - apparently you are doing something wrong yourself. You have experienced sexual abuse - what do you expect if you walk around dressed like this? The films in this programme take a closer look at the stories of the heroines fighting for their right to be happy.

Cities on the move

In cities, we mostly exist as passive observers. We walk the streets concentrated on our destination, our thoughts or conversations. We notice buildings that have been demolished or trees that have been cut off only when it's too late. This programme and its film heroes invite us to attentively and consciously walk through various places around the world, to notice our relation with the surroundings, to think about the changes and its impact on humans. At the end of the day, we do have the right to decide what kind of a city, what kind of a life we want to create. This is an invitation to reflect the modernism spirit and its instances in Kaunas. The film screenings will be held in modernist architecture buildings, which are rarely open to the public. The showings will also be followed by tours through the modernist Kaunas. What do we feel here today?

International competition

The International Competition programme is dedicated exclusively to aspiring filmmakers who made their first or second feature documentary. Films were selected considering their artistic value, filmmaking skills and revelation of human rights issues. These films showcase a strong belief in cinema as a means of reflecting and reacting to the numerous global issues.

Films for Nature

“Green” subjects get more and more complex each year. With time to discuss a tiny rise in sea levels seemingly passed, activists drop edgy posters for more direct acts of civil disobedience. In some cases, defending a forest is literally mortally dangerous. This year our programme is as close to real protesters as it’s ever been – and at the same time, it connects seemingly disperse parts of a global issue into one.

Music of reality

If music can't change the world, it can always build its own, utopian realities. Here you can create your own rules - express your boldest thoughts and dance like nobody's watching. Here we all move to the same rhythm. Maybe little by little these utopias will come closer to reality. Maybe they will finally blend together and our world will become a little better.

Generation Loop

How much of the pain that we carry is not our own? The heroes of this programme live in difficult historical contexts, complicated family situations. It's hard for them to understand what hurts, and even harder to know why. Generation by generation, they are strangled by a tangled knot of traumatic experiences. Nevertheless, they live their lives and try to heal their wounds, as true heroes do. These are stories of confronting your past as a big part of your present self. These are the heroes who are just like us.

Docs for Kids

The programme for youth features witty, inspiring, world-changing and sometimes uncomfortable but real stories. A charismatic teacher who teaches children the wisdom of ancient philosophers; children dancing in the school locker room and talking about self-confidence; a bear traveling through a Canadian town during its annual migration – these are just a few of the memorable stories that will invite the audience to fantasize, discuss and call to action. Part of these films are used in our school education programme. This year all educational activities of the festival in schools are being implemented thanks to Active citizens foundatios and EEA grants financial support.



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