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“Swedbank” Sustainable Films Bundle

We have selected 6 films that cover various sustainability topics - watch all these films at half price! A special bundle price is provided in partnership with "Swedbank". Talking about important topics together is a step forward in the interests of all.

Swedbank supports organisations and initiatives that contribute to positive change and promote dialogue in society. Our social responsibility activities are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which offer a future vision that is dear for Inconvenient Films Festival as well. This exclusive documentary film festival looks deeper into quality education, equality, responsible production and consumption, climate change, world peace, and other relevant topics. Talking about them together is taking a sustainable step for the benefit of all.

Swedbank film bundle discusses a wide variety of questions. Gender equality, diversity and fighting discrimination is the main theme in “Luchadoras", "Things We Dare Not Do" and "Cut the Chit Chat". “Stray" subtly and metaphorically discusses the necessity to reduce poverty and social inequality. "70/30" and "From the Wild Sea" remind the effect that human activity has on nature. These films invite us to keep fighting the climate crisis and change our habits of consumption for a more sustainable future.

If you purchase this bundle, after a successful payment, you will receive an email that will contain an activation link. Once the bundle is activated it gives access to watch all the films online more than once on a single device at the time.