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A Symphony of Noise

Germany | 2021 | 96 min. | V / G

A Symphony of Noise

Germany | 2021 | 96 min. | V / G


„The Symphony of Noise“ invites you to a journey of sounds with the brilliant British musician and composer Matthew Herbert. The artist became famous for his works, which combine music composed of various sounds of the environment heard in everyday life and politically sensitive issues. Herbert believes that the music genre is undergoing a revolution and we can create music not only with instruments, but with anything that makes sound. It is likely that after watching this documentary you will start listening to music and the world differently.


SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



CPH:DOX 2021

DokFest München 2021

Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2021

Director: Enrique Sánchez Lansch

Cinematography: Thilo Schmidt, Anne Misselwitz

Editing: Andrew Bird

Producers: Stefan Kloos, Maria Shilik

Enrique Sánchez Lansch


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