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Things We Dare Not Do

Mexico | 2020 | 75 min. | V / G

Things We Dare Not Do

Mexico | 2020 | 75 min. | V / G


El Roblito is a small town of a few hundred inhabitants surrounded by mangroves where life seems to go its own rhythm. There, Ñoño, a 16-year-old teenager, stands out from the group with which he spends his time, the children of the community. With them he does choreography, organizes activities and seems to be one of them. However, what the young man most yearns for throughout the day is being able to go to his secret place, where, for a few minutes, away from the eyes of the people, he manages to see himself according to his most intimate wishes. When a violent situation disrupts the seemingly idyllic atmosphere, with its suggestion of corrosive machismo, Arturo bravely takes the bold step of coming out to his parents.


SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



DOK.Fest Munich 2021 – VIKTOR DOK.horizonte Award

Hot Docs 2020 – World Premiere

IDFA 2020

Chicago International Film Festival 2020

Presented by

Director: Bruno Santamaría

Cinematography: Bruno Santamaría

Editing: Bruno Santamaría, Andrea Rabasa

Producer: Abril López Carrillo

Bruno Santamaría


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