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All Light, Everywhere

USA | 2021 | 109 min. | R

All Light, Everywhere

USA | 2021 | 109 min. | R


A history of filmmaking, surveillance, and subjective and objective framings of both, “All Light, Everywhere” is a nonfiction feature that plays like a season of brainy nonfiction TV compacted into two hours’ running time. Conceived by Baltimore-based filmmaker Theo Anthony, it tries to touch on every significant cultural, technological, and philosophical aspect of surveillance, including how easy it is for tech that is theoretically objective, detached, logical, and so forth, to be manipulated, abused, and withheld; and how people’s biases and cultural conditioning affect how they interpret the data they’re looking at, whether it’s satellite images of inner-city neighborhoods or body camera footage of a police confrontation with a citizen.


SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



CPH:DOX 2021 – Special Mention F:ACT Award

Documenta Madrid 2021 – Best Film in International Competition

Sundance 2021 – U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award: Nonfiction Experimentation

Hot Docs 2021

Director: Theo Anthony

Cinematography: Corey Hughes

Editing: Theo Anthony

Producers: Jonna McKone, Riel Roch-Decter, Sebastian Pardo

Theo Anthony


2016 – Rat Film

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