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The Gig is Up

France, Canada | 2021 | 88 min. | V

The Gig is Up

France, Canada | 2021 | 88 min. | V


Millions of people around the world are finding work online. The “gig economy” is worth more than 5 trillion worldwide, a figure that is constantly changing. Who are these shadow workers? Seduced by the promise of independence and control over their working hours and income, workers around the world have had to face the harsh reality of this economy. Dangerous working conditions, the instability of their income, and the precariousness of their activities that can stop overnight in case of deactivation or bad grades.


SUBTITLES: Lithuanian




Director: Shannon Walsh

Cinematography: Caroline Troedsson

Editing: Jesper Osmund

Producers: Christian Aune Falch, Magnus Gertten, Ove Rishøj Jensen, Torstein Parelius

Shannon Walsh


2021 – The Gig is Up
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2013 – Jeppe on a Friday
2009 – H2Oil

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