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Men Who Sing

Sweden, Junited Kingdom | 2021 | 77 min. | V / G

Men Who Sing

Sweden, Junited Kingdom | 2021 | 77 min. | V / G


This humorous, melancholic and warm film about a male choir from a Welsh town begins at the home of a documentary filmmaker’s father. A ninety-year-old widower sells a family home and makes early arrangements for his own funeral. The only joy and solace left for him is the weekly rehearsals of the men’s choir. However, the choir itself, whose members’ average age is 74, is going through a crisis. If no new younger members are found, the choir will simply disappear. The search for new choristers begins.


LANGUAGE: English, Welsh
SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



Sheffield Docfest 2021

Tempo documentary film festival 2021

Presented by

Director: Dylan Williams

Cinematography: Ed Edwards

Editing: Ben Stark, Magnus Svensson

Producers: Dylan Williams, Euros Wyn, Llion Iwan

Dylan Williams


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