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Taming the Garden


Taming the Garden


ESoDOC – European Social Documentary Public Events Program
Film screenings and public interviews with film industry professionals interested in, studying or creating documentaries. Organized by one of the oldest European documentary training programs and “Inconvenient Films”, the seminar with well-known experts in their fields will open its doors on October 18-24 in the film and media space “Planeta” and “Skalvija” cinema.


A powerful man, who is also the former prime minister of Georgia, has developed an exquisite hobby. He collects century old trees along Georgia’s coastline. He commissions his men to uproot them and bring them to his private garden. Some of these trees are as tall as 15-floor-buildings. And in order to transplant a tree of such dimensions some other trees are chopped down, electric cables are shifted and new roads are paved through mandarin plantations.

DISCUSSION Where Does Journalism End and the Art of Creating Social Documentaries Begins?
Discussion participants:
Salomé Jashi, Director of “Taming the Garden”, Sacartwell;
Dea Gjinovci, director of “Wake Up On Mars”, Switzerland;
Helena Maksyom, director of “Everything Will Not be Fine”, Ukraine;
Danielle Turkov, Founder and CEO of “Think-Film Impact Production”, United Kingdom.


Sacartwell, Switzerland | 2021 | 86 min. | G

DIRECTOR: Salomé Jashi

In English

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20 October 2021, 20:00

"Skalvija“, Vilnius

A. Goštauto g. 2, LT-01104 Vilnius // All festivall events are accesible for attendees with a valid National Certificate, which will be checked before the events together with ID.

From 0.01 € at the venue // 4.50 € online