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Radio Silence

Switzerland, Mexico | 2019 | 79 min. | N-16

Radio Silence

Switzerland, Mexico | 2019 | 79 min. | N-16


For millions, Mexican journalist and news anchor Carmen Aristegui is regarded as the trusted alternative voice, who is in the daily fight against disinformation spread by the country’s official media, government corruption and drug trafficking. When she is fired from years of work on a radio station over the revelation of a scandal that involved the then-president, Carmen decides not to stop. ‘Fear must not defeat us. We must not leave room for silence’, – she says, deciding to set up an independent news platform with dedicated colleagues. Faced with constant threats and the recent murder of a prominet journalist, the team must overcome fears for its life in order to continue the fight for democracy and justice.



SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English




Zurich Film Festival

Human rights watch film festival


Presented by

Director: Juliana Fanjul

Cinematography: Jérôme Colin

Editing: Yael Bitton

Producers: Philippe Coeytaux, Nicolas Wadimoff (Akka Films)

Juliana Fanjul


2019 – Radio Silence
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