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Karla & Nordahl

Norway | 2019 | 19 min. | G

Karla & Nordahl

Norway | 2019 | 19 min. | G


Six-year-old Karla has her sweetest brother, he loves to cuddle and is a fun playmate. But he also needs lots of care, because he has epilepsy and learning difficulties. She’s both his big sister and his little sister. Sometimes Karla would like to exchange her brother for a ‘healthy’ sister, but she knows this is not an option, even though Nordahl’s difference sometimes annoys her intensely. However, in frequent situations, their relationship is no different from that of other siblings.


LANGUAGE:  Norwegian

SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English




One World

Director: Elisabeth Aspelin

Cinematography: Elisabeth Aspelin

Editing: Elisabeth Aspelin

Producer: Halvor Nitteberg (Nitteberg Film og TV)

Elisabeth Aspelin


2019 - Karla & Nordahl

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