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Norway | 2019 | 99 min. | G


Norway | 2019 | 99 min. | G


One of the major challenges of our times is how the global community is going to deal with artificial intelligence. Some experts flow with optimism, hoping it will solve numerous problems we face today, while others warn it might become a powerful tool in the hands of states already disregarding human rights and privacy laws. The world of technology is on the verge of huge change, but are we actually ready to face it?


LANGUAGE: English, Chinese

SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English




Presented by

Director: Tonje Hessen Schei

Cinematography: Henrik Ipsen

Editing: Torkel Gjørv, Aleksander Kvam

Producers: Jonathan Borge Lie, Helle Faber, Christian Falch

Tonje Hessen Schei


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2010 – Play Again
2006 – Independent Intervention

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