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Hong Kong Moments

China | 2020 | 96 min. | N-16

Hong Kong Moments

China | 2020 | 96 min. | N-16


As pro-democracy activists and police battle in the streets of Hong Kong, locals are choosing sides. The protests stemmed from a controversial extradition bill aimed at restricting Hong Kong’s independence and the civil rights of its people under a ‘one-country, two-system’ agreement with mainland China. The documentary monitors the daily lives of seven townspeople on different sides of the barricades – the work of a special police unit, conversations between a dealer and a customer, a taxi driver’s trip, a front-line protester fighting, waiting for a doctoral volunteer, and district council members preparing for elections. The protests affect each of them, personal experiences intertwine with moments of an important event in history, opinions intersect, distracting the Hong Kong identity of each of them.



SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



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Director: Zhou Bing

Cinematography: Wade John Muller, Xue Ming, Lin Qian Sha, Chung Cheuk Fan, Tang Chi Long, Chen Xu Jian, Yi Bing Quan

Editing: Jeff Kwok

Producers: Zhou Bing, Christian Beetz

Zhou Bing


2020 – Hong Kong Moments
2010 – Wai Tan Yi Shi
2008 – The Emperor's Secret Garden

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