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Pure Art

Belarus, Poland | 2019 | 52 min. | G

Pure Art

Belarus, Poland | 2019 | 52 min. | G


A mysterious artist appears in different districts of Minsk. He spreads his canvas and begins to paint. He creates puzzling geometric figures, rectangles, and squares. Curious passers-by spontaneously approach the painter and ask him questions about his work. The man never reveals what he is painting – he just asks them what they see on the canvas. Art becomes an excuse to talk about life, censorship, the every-day reality, the state, social issues, and human stories. We meet Belarusians of different generations, professions, and social statuses. Step by step we also get to know the artist better. It is Zahar Cudin, one of the most promising Belarusian painters with a tragic destiny ahead of him.


LANGUAGE: Russian, Belarussian

SUBTITLES: Lithuanian, English



Kraków Film Festival

Director: Maxim Shved

Cinematography: Grzegorz Hartfiel

Editing: Piotr Bodak

Producers: Magdalena Borowiec, Tatiana Matysiak, Volia Chajkouskaya

Maxim Shved


2019 - Pure Art

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