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Romania, Luxembourg | 2019 | 109 min. | N-16



Romania, Luxembourg | 2019 | 109 min. | N-16


*ATTENTION: This film is not available at the virtual screening room. Film screenings will be held only at Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Vilnius.  


In the aftermath of a tragic fire in a Romanian music club, more burn victims begin dying in hospitals from wounds that were not life threatening. A team of investigative journalists move into action to uncover massive corruption in the health system and other state institutions. Following journalists, whistle-blowers, and government officials, Collective is an immersive and uncompromising look into the price of corruption and the price of truth.


LANGUAGE: Romanian, English

SUBTITLES: Lthuanian, English



One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize

Tromsø International Film Festival – Don Quixote Award

Zurich Film Festival – Golden Eye

Minsk International Film Festival – Grand Prix Documentary

Luxembourg City Film Festival – Documentary Award



Presented by

Director: Alexander Nanau

Cinematography: Alexander Nanau

Editing: Dana Bunescu, George Cragg, Alexander Nanau

Producers: Alexander Nanau, Bianca Oana

Alexander Nanau


2019 – Collective
2014 – Toto et ses soeurs
2009 – The World According to Ion B.
2006 – Peter Zadek inszeniert Peer Gynt

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