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Initially viewer oriented festival, placing emphasis on accessibility and promotion of documentary genre as such to various audiences, recently INCONVENIENT FILMS has taken steps to establish a meaningful industry programme for professionals as well. Rather than building something from the scratch in an oversaturated industry training environment, the festival signed into partnership with “ESoDoc – European Social Docomentary” ( which opened up new ways of engagement with local and international film industry professionals, at the same tame retaining festival focus on creative social documentary and ensuring high quality tutoring for participants.


In times of fake news and more and more divided societies, documentary film is becoming more important than ever. How to discuss the big issues of this world and our global societies better than through real stories told in an emotional and highly visual way? How to feel empathy with people to whom we normally do not have access, how to understand better complex issues than through a strong documentary?  How to discuss in a deeper way the big and complicated questions of our time like human rights issues, climate justice, gender equality, diversity… than after having watched together the simple story of a documentary film?

How to use, how to develop this powerful communication tool that is documentary film in these unpredictable times? How to create new networks with new partners in science, culture, education and society in order to reduce power imbalances and to create an even wider spread attention and liberate documentary film from the festival “bubble”?

The ESoDoc Conference “Thinking the Future”, organized by ZeLIG and hosted by INCONVENIENT FILMS is inviting industry professionals not only to share keynotes and masterclasses but first of all to network and to discuss together how to find new ways of storytelling and new co-creative, interdisciplinary and transmedial ways to development, financing, production and impact strategies for creative documentary.

The Future starts now!