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The International Competition programme is dedicated exclusively to aspiring filmmakers who made their first or second feature documentary. Films were selected considering their artistic value, filmmaking skills and revelation of human rights issues. These films showcase a strong belief in cinema as a means of reflecting and reacting to the numerous global issues.



Just like every year, Panorama presents documentaries from the most important international film festivals, introducing some crucial viewpoints relevant not only to Lithuania, but also around the world. This year, the most prominent topics in Panorama’s programme are the process of getting mature, the dichotomy between childish and adult, and the long-term impacts of social issues on our perception of the world.



What can one voice lead to? Who can be inspired by the voice of one person? What can one united voice of all of us achieve? The One Voice special programme is a response to political events and democratic processes in the world, right here and abroad. Corruption, freedom of speech and human rights abuses, the desire for absolute power motivate film heroes to act. Mostly fight. At first, alone, without backing, in danger and injustice. But in the words of one of the heroes, ‘there is no room for silence.’ Their voices are bold and important. Sometimes even essential for change. The program analyzes the expression of individual and societal civic will, involvement in state development, and a culture of protest. While waiting for the election, while watching the films, we invite you to answer the questions posed by the programme and think responsibly about what we will vote for.



Bold, inconvenient, witty, and inspiring documentaries created specifically for children and youth. The documentary films will tell real stories about young people living in the most remote parts of the world, answer long-awaited but never asked questions, and challenge the audience’s prejudices and beliefs. The program is open to different points of view and ideas for the future. ‘Films that help you grow’ programme consists of documentaries selected according to the interests and needs of students of different age groups. The virtual screenings will be accompanied by educational sessions, during which the social, human rights and environmental issues raised in the documentary will be examined and an attempt will be made to find out how they are revealed through the language of cinema. The programme is also designed to be watched by parents and children together and any other viewers interested in the topics covered. Some of the programme’s films will be shown with subtitles (SDH) specially adapted for the deaf and hard of hearing.