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Pavlensky: Life Naked

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Russia, Latvia | 2016 | 71 min. | R

Pavlensky: Life Naked

Russia, Latvia | 2016 | 71 min. | R


Petr Pavlensky, artist and activist, is in the vanguard of forging social change in Russia. Through an array of courageous performances, he acts as a society’s conscience in the face of an increasingly totalitarian state. From lying naked in a coil of barbed wire, to nailing his scrotum to the floor of Red Square, his acts of defiance aim to spark debate and catalyse reform.


Language: Russian
Subtitles: Lithuanian, English

Director: Darya Khrenova

Cinematography: Aleksandra Ivanova, Darya Khrenova

Editing: Armands Začs, Darya Khrenova

Producers: Guntis Trekteris, Darya Khrenova, Vlad Ketkovich, Alexandra Zhukova

Darya Khrenova

2016 – Pavlensky: Life Naked
2015 – The Last Campaign of Baron
2015 – Who will be my husband?
2014 – The Main Triumph of the Life
2013 – The Magic Mountain of Vincenzo Bianchi

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