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08 10 2018

Festival “Inconvenient Films” opened with a tribute for Ukrainian director

International human rights documentary film festival opened with a movie about lying politician and all the guests of the event expressed their support for a falsely imprisoned Ukrainian cinema director Oleg Sentsov. The festival will be held for the twelfth time and will reach twelve cities of Lithuania until the end of October. As always the films will touch the themes of human rights, politics, ecology and social problems. The price of the ticket to see any movie is a donation starting from one cent.

“We think that our society has grown out their teenager clothes and is ready and mature to start solving the long lasting problems. With the program and activities of  “Inconvenient Films” we try to join this process, encouraging the discussions on violence, poverty, harassment, disinformation and restraints of freedom and self-expression” – says festival’s executive director Justė Zavišaitė.

The festival’s opening movie, Ruth Bekermann’s “Waldheim Waltz” tells a story of how Kurt Waldheim, former secretary-general of UN runs for a presidency in Austria. He’s trying to conceal the facts of his past involvement in Nazi politics that have risen to publicity. Film’s director Ruth Beckermann, while greeting the festival’s audience virtually, highlighted its relevance nowadays.

Before the lights got out the audience was invited to express the support for Oleg Sentsov. Ukrainian film director is falsely imprisoned in Russia. Today, after 145 days, he interrupted a hunger strike because of the critical state of his health. O.Sentsov was a member of festival’s honor jury in 2015 and this year he’s one of the nominees for the Sacharov award, intended for the people fighting against oppression, injustice and intolerance.

“Inconvenient Films” will present the most noticeable documentaries of this year, hold topical discussion forums, meetings with cinema makers, educational activities, debates and also open an exhibition. The main themes of this year’s festival are information wars and modern activism. These two topics will be presented in two special film programs. For the festival to be accessible to as many people as possible, part of the films will be adapted for the deaf people and for people with hearing impairment. One special screening of the film “Ancient Woods” by Mindaugas Survila will be adapted to the blind people and people with vision disturbances. There will be seven film programs in the festival – international competition, panorama, green program, activism, post-propaganda, courage to speak and educational program for pupils. The program of “Inconvenient Films” was made by Narius Kairys, Austė Zdančiūtė, Vladas Rožėnas and Dovilė Grigaliūnaitė.

“Inconvenient Films” will be held in 4-14 October in Vilnius and also travel through eleven cities of Lithuania until 28 of October. Program and tickets of the festival: