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Slovenia | 2016 | 10 min. | G


Slovenia | 2016 | 10 min. | G


24th October, 2015. A nice day in autumn in a nice landscape. A crowd of refugees and migrants accompanied by soldiers and police officers make their way from the Schengen border between Slovenia and Croatia towards the refugee camp in Brežice.




Sarajevo Film Festival, 2016 – Human Rights Award, Special Mention

DokuDoc, 2016 – Best Film Award

Portorož, Festival of Slovenian Films, 2016 – Vesna Award for Best Documentary Film

MedFilm Festival, 2016

Free Zone Film Festival, 2016,

Mediterranean Short Film Festival, 2016

Watch Docs Film Festival, 2016

Zagreb DOX, 2016



Language: No Dialogue

Subtitles: No Subtitles


Director: Damjan Kozole

Cinematography: Matjaž Mrak

Editing: Jurij Moškon

Producer: Danijel Hočevar


Damjan Kozole

Filmography: Fatal Phone Call (1986), Porno Film (2000), Spare Parts (2003), A Call Girl (2009), Long Vacation (2012), Project Cancer (2013), Nightlife (2016), Borders (2016).

October 18, 21:15
Skalvija. Vilnius.

October 18


Skalvija. Vilnius.

October 20, 20:15
Pasaka Grand Hall. Vilnius.

October 20


Pasaka Grand Hall. Vilnius.

A real pearl! One take-shot of a real life event makes us see and feel more than in many other visuals that we have encountered so far about “others” coming to Europe.

Rada Šešič, Film critic, Curator, Filmmaker

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