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Vanja Daskalović

Programmer for educational section in Festival of Tolerance in Zagreb.

Her professional life started in human rights field (member and coordinator of Zagreb's Amnesty International Group, 1995-2000), and shifted to film festival and film production. In 2002 she co-founded Review of Amateur Film – RAF that had 12 editions. She worked on most major Croatian film festivals. In addition, she has in ZagrebDox and Factum production houses. For the past 5 years she is working for Festival of Tolerance as one of the Festival programmers for educational part of the program.

Detlef Gericke

Director of Goethe Institute in Lithuania.

Detlef Gericke is director of the Goethe-Institut in Lithuania. In former posts he worked for the Goethe-Instituts in Gothenburg (Sweden), the Goethe-Institut in Jakarta (Indonesia) and the Goethe-Institut Boston (USA). He also has been curating film programs of the Goethe-Instituts’ international film projects and was deputy head of the Arts Department at the Goethe-Institut Head Office in Munich.

Linas Mikuta


Linas Mikuta – documentary film director, who is know for such films as “Dzukija‘s Bull”, “Dinner”. His films participated in much festivals in Lithuania and abroad, including festivals as Leipzig DOK (Germany), Krakow Film Festival (Poland), Festival de Popoli (Italy), Yerevan IFF, Docudays (Ukraine), “Message to Man” (Russia), Camerimage (Poland) and won many awards. Linas Mikuta is a member of Lithuania filmmakers association. He also teaches documentary filmmaking in Skalvija Film Academy.

Rada Šešić

Film critic, programmer and filmmaker.

Rada Šešić is a critic, film maker, lecturer and a programmer. She is specialized in South Asian and Eastern European cinema. She is associated with IDFA, IFFR and NIF (Dutch Institute for film education) as well as Sarajevo Film Festival and Kerala Film Festival. She directed four award winning shorts and documentaries in the Netherlands and several in Sarajevo where she lived before.

Håkon Tveit

Lecturer, film critic, educational section programmer at Bergen IFF.

Håkon Tveit teaches Latin American history, culture and literature at the University of Bergen. He also is a programmer of educational programme at Bergen International Film Festival. In addition, he is in charge for Golden Owl awards and Checkpoints programme, a human rights section made in collaboration with the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. He is also a film critic in the national weekly newspaper Dag og Tid.


Zaradasht Ahmed

Director of "Nowhere to Hide".

Director and Photographer Zaradasht Ahmed was born and raised in Northern Iraq. His previous work includes the award-winning “Road to Diyarbakir” and “Fata Morgana”. His latest film “Nowhere to Hide” has won several prestigious international prizes. Zaradasht has many years of experience working with documentary filmmaking in the Middle East, North-Africa, and Asian regions, as well as experience training locals in documentation.

Thom Vander Beken

Director "I Know You Are There".

Thom Vander Beken (1977) is a Belgian director working and living in Brussels. After becoming a Master in Dutch and English literature at Ghent University, he went on to obtain a Masters degree in directing from St-Lukas film school in Brussels. Besides cinema, Thom also works in theatre and was assistant to the director for several opera productions in Belgium and abroad. He also writes about art for several websites.

Alessandro D'Emilia

Director of "Dusk Chorus".

Alessandro was born in Rome in 1988. Life took him to live elsewhere, mainly in Misurina, Dolomites. He became soon passionate in various sports activities as skiing, climbing, high-lining. Practicing these activities he developed a strong interest in the audiovisual sector, in particular remain fascinated by the mysteries of nature and the unexplored places. He is currently studying at the Zelig school for documentary.

Feras Fayyad

Director of "Last Men in Aleppo".

Fears Fayyad is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked as a film editor and cinematographer on several documentary and narrative films. He has participated in international film festivals and received recognition for his work with contemporary Syrian issues and political transformation in the Arab world.

David Monacchi

Main protagonist in the film "Dusk Chorus".

David Monacchi is a sound artist, researcher and eco-acoustic composer. He has been developing his multidisciplinary project Fragments of Extinction for nearly 15 years, conducting field research in the world’s last remaining areas of undisturbed primary equatorial rainforest. The recipient of multiple awards throughout Europe and North America, Monacchi is pioneering a new compositional approach based on 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems to foster discourse on the biodiversity crisis through music and sound-art installations.

James Spinney

Director of "Notes on Blindness".

James Spinney studied English Literature. His first short film, "Audiobook", was released in 2010. After the short film "Wavelengths" (2011), he started working on documentaries about writer John Hull together with Peter Middleton. "Notes on Blindness" (2016) is his first feature film.

Lidija Zelović

Director of "My Own Private War".

Lidija Zelović, a Bosnian journalist and filmmaker from a Serbian/Croatian family, left Sarajevo in 1992 when the war came to her home town. She flew to The Netherlands, leaving behind her brother and parents. They joined her in Amsterdam two years later.

Lidija Zelović has followed the conflicts in former Yugoslavia as a journalist for many years. She lives in Amsterdam, where she teaches filmmaking, writes, produces and directs documentaries.