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25 09 2017

FUTUREDOCS – a meeting point for filmmakers and human rights activists

FUTURE DOCS is a platform for creative encounters between documentary filmmakers and human rights defenders. It stems from a deep and established conviction that even though these two groups very often strive to turn the public’s attention to pressing issues, too rarely do they have a chance to work together. As a result, many exigent human rights problems remain hardly known, while other are hugely overrepresented.

Successfully established in 2015 by WATCHDOCS Film Festival, FUTURE DOCS 2017-2018 will focus on Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as Central Europe. Collaboration of three festivalis – Inconvenient Films, WATCHDOCS and Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) – will result in two workshops, taking place in Vilnius and Warsaw. The first session in Vilnius is intended for human rights deffenders, while the second session in Warsaw will be a joint meeting of activists and filmmakers. With FUTURE DOCS, we intend to bring about powerful documentaries with potential for tangible social impact.

FUTURE DOCS is based on the idea of a reversed pitching. It means that human rights defenders and activists present selected cases they’ve been working on to participating filmmakers. Various human rights topics and initiatives, especially those underrepresented on screen, illustrated by powerful human stories behind them, are pitched to creative documentary filmmakers.

Filmmakers intrigued with given human rights topics or stories get to work with experts on the issue, who provide insight, information, and access to people on the ground. On the other hand, human rights defenders bring to light problems they’ve been working on and, as a result, have a chance to obtain informed advocacy tools for their further endeavors.

To ensure the effectiveness of the encounters and maximize the potential for a successful cooperation between filmmakers and human rights defenders, the whole process is supervised and coordinated by tutors–industry and communication experts. The most promising film project will receive assistance for further development. Stay tuned!

The main sponsor of FUTURE DOCS 2017-2018 edition is Nordic Council of Ministers.