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Eco-acoustic composer and researcher David Monacchi presents his project “Fragments of Extinction”

October 19 d., 7pm, Eco-acoustic composer and researcher David Monacchi presents his project “Fragments of Extinction”, at Energy and Technology Museum (Rinktinės str. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania).

The soundscapes of remote natural habitats are outstanding footprints of the systemic behavior of healthy ecosystems.

Yet today, at the beginning of the current extinction crisis, the ‘paleo-choirs’ of the natural world are undergoing silent but real and lasting damage. The sonic structures that evolution produced over millions of years of interspecific acoustic adaptation are rapidly declining; within the near future, it may not be possible to witness them at all, in their original form. Fragments of Extinction, an interdisciplinary project, led by Italian eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi, is collecting, studying, and disseminating hi-definition 24-hour sound portraits of the world’s undisturbed primary equatorial forests, advocating for the importance of taking them as object of protection and patrimonialisation.

Over the past fifteen years, this fieldwork has required the implementation of advanced microphone technologies for sampling the rainforest’s spatial features, pioneering for the first time the recording of high-order Ambisonics spherical soundfields in these remote, humid environments.

By cultivating interest in nature through an immersive aural fruition, science-based art projects can play an important role in finding new strategies for environmental education, connecting people to the direct experience of natural phenomena, forging a crucial bridge between nature and culture, and fostering public awareness of the need for the protection of biodiversity.

You can hear mor about David Monacchi project “Frafments of Extinction”and the sounds of it – on October 19th.

Language of the presentation – English.

David Monacchi is also the protagonist of the film “Dusk chorus – Based on “Fragments of Extinction” by David Monacchi”.

Entrance – free of charge.