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09 01 2018

Award winners of the 11th edition of “Inconvenient films” 

The eleventh edition of International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Inconvenient Films” was closed on the 21st of October, 2017. The international Jury announced the award winning film and two special mentions.

The first SPECIAL MENTION was given to the film “Taste of Cement” (Germany, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar) and the filmmaker Ziad Kalhoum. According to the Jury, the special mention went “to the film that with a great precision and strong thought behind every image, and by using creative sound design builds a dreamlike mesmerising  narrative  that takes us in a world of lonely men who had to leave their homes and settle elsewhere. Creatively exploring notions of construction and destruction this powerful cinematic essay deals with working and living condition of humans deprived from their own lives, inviting us all to reflect on the world we live in.”

The second SPECIAL MENTION was presented to Polish filmmaker Anna Zamecka for “Communion” (Poland) – “ a powerful documentary on a family struggling to stay together, with a teenager as its reluctant anchor.” The Jury praised the filmmaker, who “has done exceptional work in capturing the struggles of this family, with an approach that is respectful and at the same time very effectively being a “fly on the wall” of their apartment. The result is a heartbreakingly beautiful look at what it means to love a family, to rise and fall and rise again numerous times every day, working to keep together what is dear to you even though the odds seem to be stacked so much against you.”

Finally, both, the “Inconvenient Films” Award for the Best Film in International Competition Programme and the Audience Award went to Feras Fayyad for “The Last Men in Aleppo” (Denmark, Syria) and all known and unknown heroes of Syrian civil war. “In the midst of complete lack of humanity this film manages to show us – humanity. A strong, shocking and emotionally confronting film that succeeds, in the end, to leave us aware of preciousness and beauty of life” – the Jury stated.

The 11th edition of “Inconvenient Films” was so far, the best attended in the history of the festival, with almost 10 000 admissions in the capital Vilnius itself. The total number of the festival viewers was 16 000 throughout the country.