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International Competition is dedicated to the films by new filmmakers – their first or second feature documentary. Films are selected considering artistic value, filmmaking skills and revelation of a relevant human rights topic. The financial prize for the best film has been kindly offered by the main partner of the international competition section – law firm “Tark Grunte Sutkiene”.


Panorama overviews the highlights of documentary cinema in recent years. The films that extensively traveled around the world, won prestigious awards and were highly praised by film critics. They significantly differ in style but each story is “inconvenient” in its own and very different way.


In this special film selection „Inconvenient films“ focuses on diversity. However “otherness” in these films is reflected from one of the most stigmatised perspectives in Lithuanian society – mental health. Stereotypes, which still haunt us from the Soviet past, ignorance or simple fear of mental health disorders is too often the main factors which encourage us to divide people to “abnormal” and those, that are like the others.


Film and video art Institute “Arsenal” in Berlin digitized and restored over 10 documentary and experimental films about Holocaust. Together with “Arsenal” we’ve selected seven films testifying with different representational approaches on one of the most inconceivable events in European History of 20th Century.


“Inconvenient Films” continues to introduce Lithuanian audience to other human rights film events in the world. This year cooperating with Karama Human Rights Film Festival we are focusing on different human rights issues in Middle East region. However, this programme not only represents pressing social issues, but also gives a glimpse to a very diverse, rich and longstanding culture. However nowadays’ political clashes and some olden prejudices represented in the films from Jordan, Lebanon, Iran or Israel offers food for thought about contradictions in these societies and, quite often, exhausted, but always dignified people.


Green Programme this year focuses on waste and its effect on environment and people. Four different films – from personal experiments to objective observation of recycling – will invite the viewers to search for creative solutions, aimed at reducing the amount of waste humans produce or re-use it in a creative way.


Special Screenings dive into relevant topics in Lithuania or imaginary distant and so handily silenced. Every film raises questions boldly and accurately, and oversteps the screen in a space for discussions. Five films and five discussions, some of them very local (the state of sexual education in Lithuania, issues related to legalization of prostitution) while others are broader in geography and scope (institutional abuse in post-revolution Egypt, migration crisis, ethics and representation in documentary cinema).


This programme is dedicated to the youngest “Inconvenient films” audience. Films that speak about complicated issues and possible solutions from kids’ perspective.


This programme consists of young curators recommendations from the three programs of the festival: "International Competition", "Panorama" and "Like the others". Selected films speak about liberation: escape from the restrictive living conditions, fight for humans and their beliefs, the right to speak about things that are suppressed, and the simple freedom to know. Young curators selected the films considering their artistic value, uniqueness and narrative strength. These are the films which are shocking in their form and content. This programme is a result of the workshop organised by international cinema education project "Moving Cinema“ implemented by NGO "Meno avilys."