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Dr. Natalija Arlauskaitė

researcher of literature, film and visuality, an associate professor at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University

Dr, Natalija Arlauskaitė is researcher of literature, film and visuality. She is an associate professor at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University. Her field of interest includes visual theory, historical imagination forms, reflection of long lasting destruction and decay in cinema and art. Natalija Arlauskaitė is an author of "Analysis of Hermetic Text" (2005), "Key-Concept of Feminist Film Theory" (2010), "Local and Foreign Canons: Film Adaptations between Narrative Theory and Cultural Studies" (2014).

Pietra Brettkelly

director and producer

With a background in journalism, Pietra Brettkelly's work reflects her continuing fascination with the world. Pietra has been directing and producing for 20 years. Her films have screened to critical acclaim at the most important international film festivals and gain her many prestigious awards.

Krzysztof Gierat

director of the Krakow Film Festival

Krzysztof Gierat is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University and the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. He is an initiator and long lasting member of many film and culture foundations. Former director of the Polish State Television Film Agency. He is a member of the Polish and European Film Academies. Since 2000 Krzystof Gierat is director of the Krakow Film Festival.

Ehab Al Khatib

film director, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Karama Human Rights Film Festival

Ehab Al Khatib is a film director graduate from the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt 1992. He directed a number of documentaries, and short films as well as several drama series. Al Khatib is the Artistic Director and Co-founder of Karama Human Rights Film Festival since 2010. He is also a Co-founder of many initiatives mainly Ma3mal 612- Think Factory and productions; an initiative to develop film and art projects and create alternative methods for producing in the region and co-founder of ANHAR- the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals.

Renata Santoro

educator and researcher in the audiovisual field, programmer for “Venice Days”

Renata Santoro programme manager, educator and researcher in the audiovisual field. Since 2006 she has been appointed as a chief of communication and promotion for “Venice Days”, the independent section of Venice International Film Festival and since 2010 works as a programmer for “Venice Days”. Renata Santoro has been an activist in Amnesty International for the last 25 years.


Irene Angelico and Abbey Neidik

Directors and producers of "Dark Lullabies"

Irene Angelico is an acclaimed film director, producer and writer. She is the recepient of numerous international awards for directing and producing, as well as a Gemini for best writng in a doumentary.

In 1980, Angelico and her husband and partner Abbey Neidik formed DLI Productions. Together they produced and directed “Dark Lullabies”.

Abbey Neidik is an established director and producer with an œuvre of over seventy films, including two Academy Award nominees.

Filmography: Dark Lullabies (1985), The Cola Conquest (1998), Balck Coffee (2006), Inside the Great Magazines (2007).

Yahya Alabdallah

Director of "The Council"

Yahya Alabdallah was born in Libya in 1978, raised in Saudi Arabia. Now he lives in Jordan. A writer, director, producer and literary critic, he holds two Master's degrees in Literature and Cinema from the ECIAR film school in Paris.

Selected filmography: SMS (2009), The Last Friday (Al Juma Al Akheira, 2011), 5th Floor Room 52 (Altabeq alkhames ghorfa 52, 2015).

Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe

Directors of “Remember you name, Babylon”

Marie Brumagne was born in Belgium in 1983. She studied directing in Brussels.

Bram Van Cauwenberghe was born in Belgium in 1981. He studied political science in Belgium and Italy before taking up documentary studies in Spain.

They met each other at the skating rink and together they co-founded the production company Rocky&Estrella. In 2012 they began working together on the shooting of “Remember you name, Babylon”.

Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami

Director of "Sonita"

Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami – was born in Tehran and studied filmmaking and animation in Tehran Art University. Her published essays and research include the book, “Animated Documentary: A New Way to Express,” published in Persian in 2009.

Selected filmography: Cyanosis (Sinoze, 2007), Going Up the Stairs (2011), Sonita (2015).

Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan

Director of "A Mere Breath"

Monica Lãzurean-Gorgan graduated in Film Directing in Bucharest in 2001 and co-founded 4 Proof Film in 2007. Besides directing documentaries, she is also a TV producer and an art director.

Filmography: My Vote (Votul meu, 2010), A Mere Breath (Doar o Rasuflare, 2016).

Krzysztof Kopczyński

Director of "Dybbuk. A Tale of Wandering Souls"

Krzysztof Kopczyński was born in 1959 in Warsaw. He is a doctor of humanities, a filmmaker and an expert at the Polish Film Institue. In 25 years of filmmaking he directed and produced over 40 films and received more than 100 awards in different international film festivals. He is also a member of European Film Academy.

Selected filmography: Stone Silence (Kamienna cisza, 2007), Dybbuk. A Tale of Wandering Souls (Dybuk. Rzecz o wedrówce dusz, 2015).

Aleksandras Kuznetsovas

Director of "We'll be alright"

Alexander Kuznetsov works as a photographer. His work was published in many magazines and exhibited in Russia (Russian Museum Of Saint Petersburg), Norway, France, the U.S.A. and Germany. He began his cinematographic career in 2009 by participating in a writing residence in Krasnoyarsk.

Filmography: “Territory of Love” (2010), "Territory of Freedom" (2014), "We'll be alright" (2016).

Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova

Directors of “Alisa in Warland“

Alisa Kovalenko was born in 1987 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She graduated from journalism studies at the Shevchenko Kiev State University.

Liubov Durakova was born in 1986 in Kharkov. Graduated from the Moscow State University at the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Now they both study Documentary Directing at I.K. Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Film and Television in Kiev. They directed several student films.

“Alisa in Warland“ is their first feature documentary.

Susanne Regina Meures

Director of “Raving Iran”

Susanne Regina Meures born in the West of Germany. She studied photography and history of art at The Courtauld in London and film at the Zurich University of the Arts. She worked for numerous print publications before moving to film.

“Raving Iran” is her first feature length documentary.

Mehrdad Oskouei

Director of "Starless Dreams"

Mehrdad Oskouei is an Iranian filmmaker, producer, photographer and researcher born in Tehran in 1969 and later graduating in film direction from the University of Arts. His films have been screened at numerous festivals both at home and abroad to great critical acclaim, making him one of the major Iranian documentary makers.

Selected filmography: Nose, Iranian Style (2005), It’s Always Late for Freedom (2007), The Last Days of Winter (Akharin rouzhaye zemestan, 2011), Starless Dreams (Royahaye dame sobh, 2016).

Patryk and Erinnisse Rebisz

Directors of “Shoulder the Lion”

Patryk Rebisz, born in Poland, is a New York City based filmmaker utilizing film, video and photography. He studied painting, but later shifted to the creation of moving pictures. He works with visual medium using the best of what flows through his veins - skillful use of colors and lighting to create exquisite images.

Erinnisse Heuer (b. 1979) is a seasoned editor for television and film, born and based in NYC. Her career began in docu-journalism for Free Speech TV and has spanned from MTV to commercial work, a number of music videos, award winning narrative shorts and experimental dance films.

“Shoulder the Lion” is their first feature length documentary.

Jerry Rothwell

Director of "How to change the world"

Jerry Rothwell is an award-winning British documentary filmmaker. His films were shown and awarded at many prestigious festivals like Tribeca (USA), Sundance (USA), Sheffield (Great Britain) and Hot Docs (Canada).

Selected filmography: Deep Water (2006), Heavy Load (2008), Donor unknown (2010), How to change the world (2015).

Dr. Sonja Schultz

Film historian

Dr. Sonja M. Schultz works as film historian, film critic and journalist. She is a graduate of the Humboldt-University Berlin. With “National Socialism in Film. From Triumph of the Will to Inglourious Basterds” (available in German) she wrote an overview of international fiction and documentary films that deal with national socialism and the Holocaust – from the end of the war until today. She is interested in unconventional filmmaking and storytelling offside the mainstream.

Brett Story

Director of "The Prison in Twelve Landscapes"

Brett Story is a writer, film critic, journalist and independent non-fiction filmmaker based in New York. Brett holds a PhD in geography from the University of Toronto and is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Filmography: Land of Destiny (2010), The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (2016).

Rama Thiaw

Director of "The Revolution won’t be televised"

Rama Thiaw was born in 1978 in Nouakchott, Mauritania. She studied international economics and film in Paris. Rama Thiaw is a writer, director, and producer for the Senegalese film production company Boul Fallé Images.

Filmography: Boul Fallé, the Wrestling Way (Boul Fallé, la Voie de la lutte, 2009), The Revolution won’t be televised (2016).