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15 08 2016

Welcome to our new website!

For the 10th anniversary of the festival not only did we change our logo, but we also te welcome you at re-newed website. It has been 10 years and plenty of great inconvenient documentaries! Can you believe it? We are extremely glad to have the trust of our fans and film community to be able to present a yearly showcase of amazing films from all over the world This year we will introduce to our viewers films created by winners of best documentary film festivals throughout, as usual, we don’t avoid inconvenient topics, therefore there will be plenty inconvenient things to talk about.

Traditional program “Documentary for children” has grown into a partnership with the One World Festival. Together we have prepared the film education workshop for teachers. We will open an online film platform, thanks to which teachers will be able to integrate documentary films during classes. Beside One World we have more friends – Krakow Film Festival and the Film and Video Art Institute “Arsenal” in Berlin. “Arsenal” has helped us to create Holocaust films retrospective from the most recently digitized and restored films.

See you soon!