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31 08 2016

Memorial stones (Stolpersteine) and Holocaust film retrospective at the 10-th edition of „Inconvienent films“

Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights and „Inconvenient Films“ collaborated intensively implementing “Memorial stones” (Stolpersteine) in four major Lithuanian cities. Until now it was only possible to see the biggest memorial in Europe other European countries. Tiles have ben installed by the author of the idea, the famous German architect and artist Gunter Demnig.

Memorial stones (Stolpersteine) are scattered throughout eighteen European countries and hundreds of cities. Project is dedicated to the thousands of people who worked and created in number of European cities, but were deleted from the map by the tragedy of Holocaust. “My project and the idea were dedicated for the whole of Europe, all the countries occupied by the German army. Lithuania was one of the main places where crimes against humanity took place,” – says Mr. Demnig.

Lithuania is the first Baltic state, where nearly two tens of Holocaust victims – Jews and Roma – will be memorized in the pavement tiles. Stones appearing at Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai and Panevezys will appear in places where Holocaust victims used to live or work.

As a follow-up to this project, a special retrospective will be presented at the 10th edition of human rights documentary film festival “Inconvenient Films” in October. Film and video art Institute “Arsenal” in Berlin digitized and restored over 10 documentary and experimental films about Holocaust. Together with “Arsenal” we’ve selected seven films testifying with different representational approaches on one of the most inconceivable events in European History of 20th Century.

(Photos by I. Budzeikaitė)