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24 10 2016

Documentary “Tempestad” wins at the 10th “Inconvenient films” festival

Human rights film festival “Inconvenient Films” closed in Vilnius on October 22. During the ceremony international jury has announced the winner of the competition program. This year the award goes to a mexican filmmaker Tatiana Huezo and her documentary “Tempestad”. ”Tempestad“ is the parallel journey of two women. Mirror-like, it reflects the impact of the violence and impunity that afflict Mexico. Through their voices, we are drawn into the heart of their feelings, steeped in loss and pain, but also love, dignity and resistance. Jerry Rothwell‘s documentary “How to Change the World” about world famous eco-movement Green Peace have recieved audience award. Documentaries “Depth 2” and “Remember Your Name, Babylon” received special mentions.

Five members of the international Jury – researcher of literature, film and visuality, an associate professor at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University Dr. Natalija Arlauskaitė, director and producer Pietra Brettkelly, director of the Krakow Film Festival Krzysztof Gierat and film director, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Karama Human Rights Film Festival Ehab Al Khatib and educator and researcher in the audiovisual field, programmer for “Venice Days” Renata Santoro were considering 11 first or second time documentaries for the main prize.

During a ceremony Natalija Arlauskaitė and Pietra Brettkelly were presenting a jury statement:

“We give special mention to DEPTH TWO.  We applaud how this huge tragedy was portrayed in a cinematographic form that complemented but did not overwhelm this complex piece of history.  This film succeeds in portraying a tragic story incorporating archival and visual storytelling without flourish.

We would also like to acknowledge the film REMEMBER YOUR NAME, BABYLON.  And we invite the filmmakers up on the stage.  The tone and pace of this film dropped us into the lives of migrants throughout the world, who are in this never ending wait.  With very few details give us back the sadness, the loneliness of these people abandoned in this limbo.

And the award for Best Film goes to TEMPESTAD.  This is a festival that takes into account both content and form, and we the jury were overwhelmed by the quality of all the young filmmakers in this competition.  TEMPESTAD fulfilled in a lyrical and raw way a portrayal of two women whose lives changed through catastrophic events sadly familiar to many in Mexico.  The importance of the film comes from the use of narration as a new dimension of the film structure.  The voice over combined with the images transported us into reliving these women’s memories, and then with surprising moments of cinema verite.”

Festival “Inconvienient films” will continue it’s journey throughout Lithuanian towns until November 8th.